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 Marked is the site for the Curvy, Classy, Confident, Plus-sized, Stylish, Trendy Woman, and all in between. Marked is the mother-daughter duo, Glynis and Meagan.

Hello, curvaceous beauties; I am Glynis (mom). I am a shopaholic! I get pleasure shopping for anything; the finds, the bargains, and I get a thrill from being in the zone. I practically have to touch EVERYTHING. 

Hello, I’m Meagan (daughter). I am the opposite. Whether thrift or high-end, I will run in the store, grab a few items, and piece the perfect outfit together.  I have that particular fashion, “je ne sais quoi.”

 Marked came about from the need to go to the store and get that perfect outfit off the rack; when the options are slim, it is hard to do that. Most of the stores geared towards voluptuous women have outdated fashion

Ladies, 55 is the new 35! I found myself shopping in my daughter’s closet. (KARMA, back at you, daughter!)  I asked Meagan years ago to venture into this business with me, but she ran so far and fast in the opposite direction to the world of finance.  Meagan was approached and asked if she had done any modeling one day at lunch. The modeling agent loved her sense of fashion, her face, and her grace. She even graced the cover of a plus-size magazine! Modeling/fashion still was not her passion at that time. Meagan began receiving requests to assist in styling people.

 During the pandemic, my mom consistently reminded me how difficult it is for us curvy women to go to the store and grab the ideal outfit quickly. Something in me clicked, and I finally accepted the challenge and have since been in the world of fashion.

So here we are today. Brick and mortar is our most authentic vision and is coming soon! But family, for now, our online store and Marked on Demand are available. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @MarkedPlus

Thank You for coming on this journey with Marked.

                                                                        -Glynis & Meagan

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